Highlights of WTFL 2017







"World Tourism Forum Lucerne 2017 was a successful Forum attended by luminaries around the world and showcased one of the finest hospitality and receptions in the world. The World Tourism Forum receives a big thumbs up! I was very much taken by the spirit and the constructive atmosphere of the Forum, allowing views and opinions to be shared freely."

Teo Ah King, Chairman Desert Star Holdings

"The World Tourism Forum Lucerne is the place where the future of tourism is shaped!"

Lars Sonderegger, Founder & Executive Chairman Quantonomics

"Every year this is a such a great event, the best on the calendar. Martin Barth manages to get 60 of the busiest people in tourism to come together and work together for a day, and to organise this great conference"

Anita Mendiratta, Special Advisor to Secretary General UNWTO